Be Careful to Keep Your Information from Same Day Payday Loan Theft

10/06/2012 10:17

Today you can find many lending companies online offering guaranteed payday loan approval to all their applicants. However, only a small number of such companies can approve applications from all their clients, and there can be several reasons for them to reject your application. For instance, a lender may reject your application if your total monthly income is less than $1,000 or your bank account has been activated less than 5 months ago.

Another reason for payday loan lenders to reject your application is local laws and regulations as to the services of payday lenders. Given that today payday loans are strictly controlled by the government and even prohibited or banned in some states, a lender may or may not be able to provide you a loan depending on your local laws. Please also note that a payday loan lender must have a state license to legally provide its services in your state of residence.


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